Saturday, March 24, 2012

Work To Abolish Non-Consensual Psychiatry

Non-consensual psychiatry is an injustice, and everyone should attempt to try and abolish it. Non-consensual psychiatry includes the insanity defense, civil commitment, involuntary psychiatric treatment, and psychiatric slavery.

No one should be forced to live, and law breakers should be held accountable for their own actions. Psychiatry often attempts to strip individuals of their personal responsibility for their own life, it seems. Psychiatry is often an injustice that is a stain on a democratic system. Hopefully non-consensual psychiatry and psychiatric slavery will be abolished sooner, rather than later.

The more individuals there are that advocate for the abolition of non-consensual psychiatry, the sooner it will be abolished, it seems. Hopefully more individuals will realize the injustice of non-consensual psychiatry.