Thursday, February 2, 2017

Help to Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery

Psychiatric slavery is when individuals earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. Read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote. 

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz has described psychiatric coercion as medicalized terrorism. The insanity defense and civil and commitment should be outlawed. Psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. Insanity is a subjective idea. 

Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote about thirty-five books. Consider reading Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine by Szasz, or read his book Psychiatry: The Science of Lies. 

You can help to outlaw psychiatric slavery by helping to legalize suicide. Suicide is effectively illegal. This does not mean that suicide is good or desirable. It will be good if we can reduce suicides to zero. We should only reduce suicides through persuasion, reason, and kindness. Suicide should be respected as a civil and human right for adults.